Superstitious Days

Why make such a big deal of birthday?
You're alive every day.
Christmas Day, New Year’s Day,
Independence Day,
Contrary to what they claim,
No day is better than another day.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, et cetera,
What's the difference?
Payday, heyday or Memorial Day,
Whichever day,
Call it what you may.
But sad to say,
It’s just another one of those rough days.
When Friday falls on the 13th,
Some people think it’s a sign of bad luck.
In April they call it Good Friday,
But don’t follow what false teachers relay.
It’s a pagan holiday,
Designed to convey hearsay,
And this has lead many people astray.
Blind minds celebrate what they don't know.
I don't believe in superstitious days.
Without a doubt,
The truth will come out,
No matter how loud empty barrels shout.
They derive joy from All Fools' Day.
I don’t observe specific seasons and days.
When I kneel to pray,
I think of more important things to say.
There’s no peculiar day.
Dry day, rainy day, any day,
I appreciate every day that I wake up and see.
So I never repeat the cliché,
"Thank God it’s Friday."
Yesterday, today, tomorrow,
Which one is the most important day?


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