inside my brain lest I refrain
lies a deep impulse to explode
the notion of love that comes from heaven above
I was given this gift as a child
with pad and pen & a need to pretend

hands, heart, face & smile
cause I knew all the while that in time I would shine
to feel the warmth on my face by the sun
the conquest at hand to have a bit of fun
although those many years would pass
I had every viable reason to grasp

therefore gain wisdom & with all thy getting gain understanding
a challenge to be set free was a question of time
I had to sit down & learn how to rhyme
of far off places with kings and queens
just another flavor of my favorite ice cream
I searched high in low to be found

inside I used to hide behind four walls in my mind
why does one negate logic for fear ?
for I shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain
not having a good book in hand was driving me insane
Suddenly I found myself in the fast lane getting lost again

until the supernatural came in
now I could hold my breath & count to number ten
a beacon of hope to a hurting world in search of love
fallen from the heaven's from God above,
I fell in love with a unique craft of poetry
lost in sullen brevity amidst its extremities
finally came full circle to who I really am
just to know deep inside that God alone had a plan

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