Superior Ice Blue

Fri, 08/16/2013 - 11:26 -- sonni2

Superior ice blue is the

color of sadness,

happiness and quietness

Superior ice blue is the 

sound of a slow violin.


If I tasted superior ice blue

it would taste like cold water.

Superior ice blue would 

be cold as snow.


Usually, I don't see blue angels.

I can smell nothing but cold air

going inside my nose. My nose 

feels like it's giving me 

a brain freeze.


I swim and drink when I think

of superior ice blue. I see it 

as the ocean on a warm summer day.


Superior ice blue would

be a peaceful person

who wears a blue housecoat.


The happy emotion for

superior ice blue

is peace and happiness.

The sad emotion is tired

and depressed.

I usually feel happy about 

seeing my blue.


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