Superhero sonnet

They wear masks and capes

And wear them with pride

Because when a demon escapes

They know that we stand by their side.


But what about the rest of us?

What about us sidekicks and citizens?

No capes or masks for us?

But aren’t we all the same when the day ends?


We are the heroes of the day

And we walk with pride

Because no one can take that away

Not even when we all have died.


Every one of us is a hero

And our invisible masks and capes show how

We try to let you know

“It’s okay, because you’re safe now.”


We are the real heroes of the day

They are just stories that were told yesterday.

This poem is about: 
Our world


gabby lucivero

this was one of the first poems I have ever had published in my school's literary magazine.


I like this!! I like it because superheroes can be anyone, not just some fictional character people dream of being. Good Job!


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