The Super-Skrull

A supervillain called the Super-Skrull wants to destroy the Defenders and I'll tell you why;

When the Defenders are destroyed, the Super-Skrull can rule the world and that's no lie.


When the Super-Skrull appears outside Dr. Strange's home, he tells Dr. Strange and the Defenders to come out and fight;

The Super-Skrull wants to destroy the heroes with all of his might.


When the Defenders come out, the Super-Skrull tries to hypnotize the team, which is true;

The Hulk delivers a thunderclap to knock down the Super-Skrull, which is a smart thing to do.


When the Super-Skrull is down, he uses his pyrokinetic powers to try to burn the Defenders, as you can see;

The Silver Surfer makes a force field so he can protect himself and his teammates and I'm speaking honestly.


Dr. Strange vanishes and reappears behind the Super-Skrull, which is cool;

Dr. Strange uses his magic to pick up the Super-Skrull and body slams the evil fool.


When the Super-Skrull is down again, the Sub-Mariner flies towards the villain and kicks his butt;

The Super-Skrull is totally nuts.


The Surfer uses his cosmic energy to shoot the Super-Skrull, which is neat;

The Defenders are a team that the Super-Skrull can never beat.


When the villain is defeated, the Surfer makes a black hole, which is fantastic as can be;

Dr. Strange uses his magic to pick up the Super-Skrull again and throws him into the black hole immediately.


When the Super-Skrull is in the black hole, the Surfer closes it and here's something else that I'll say;

The Defenders have saved the day.


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