Super Leftists

A team called the Super Leftists are slandering the Defenders, which is bad;

When the Defenders find out what the Super Leftists are doing, they get mad.


The Super Leftists are telling this lie that the Defenders are a danger to the world;

A Leftist can be a guy or a girl.


When the Super Leftists appear outside Dr. Strange's house, they tell him and the Defenders to come out and fight;

A Leftist never does anything that's right.


When the Defenders come out, the Super Leftists try to kill the heroes;

A Leftist is a sinful person, in case you didn't know.


Dr. Strange uses his magic to take the Super Leftists' weapons away from them, which is cool;

A Leftist will always be a fool.


The Hulk knocks down the Super Leftists with a thunderclap;

A Leftist is also a sap.


When the Super Leftists get back up, the Sub-Mariner and the Silver Surfer beat them up, which is great;

Leftists are people that I really hate.


When the Super Leftists are beaten, the Defenders call the police and tell them what the villains have done;

To the Defenders, beating up the Super Leftists was a lot of fun.


When the police arrive and arrest the Super Leftists, they take the villains away;

The Defenders go back inside Dr. Strange's house and that's all I have to say.


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