Sunshine Love

To the edge of the universe and back for you,

I'll miss the broken avenue

To stay by your side forever,

Even with the sunrise calls,

I'd rather trip I'd rather fall,

Than to have you in pain,

To feel constricted by the chains,

Of your mind,

Deep inside,

Where the whispers find ways,

Through the cracked misty haze.


To tear you up bit by bit,

Something I cannot miss,

I can see it in your eyes,

Hidden by your happy lies.


You're afraid,

That I know,

To the edge of the universe,

I will go,

To be at your side,

To fight the feelings that you hide,

Behind a mask I peel away,

I ask you once,

"Will you stay?"


And be my queen,

We will rule the land,

So that anything can be,

Fairytale become a reality,

The truth is here now,

Don't you see?


I'll sleep through the sunrise,

And miss the painted show,

To lay with you,

It is true,

I'd do anything,

I know...


I love you. 


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