Sunshine in the Dark

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 00:51 -- Zink1


With everything gained and lost in my past

I began to think I had hit a brick wall,

Yet when you became my first and last

I realized it wasn’t the case at all,

I felt alone

With a shattered heart,

Then you made me feel at home

Once you renewed my heart part by part.

Yet, once in a while inside I cry

Feeling the urge to drop and surrender,

Hoping you won’t turn around and say good-bye

And leave at the sight of my idiotic urges to go under,

With God day by day fighting for “our” unity

Proving you wouldn’t do so,

Therefore leaving “us” in purity

And making true Love run through my soul,

Providing the Love and attention no one could

Creating so much more than a better reason to never let you go,

Loving you is the best thing I’ve done

Better yet I will enjoy doing forever,

I won’t let you go until I’m dead and gone

And even then will I let you go…”NO NEVER”,

Because the feeling of hopelessness consumes me

It feels as if despair were out looking for its way back in,

Yet with you my chains are broken and then I’m set free

As if you had decided forgetting the path I’ve been,

And Love me for who I became

Not for whom I once was,

Nor for fortune and fame

But for “our” Love which is smooth as jazz,

With much more than what it seems to be

Yet at the end it’s just you and I,

Because “our” Love isn’t something everyone can see

It’s as if we were already in the sky,

Of course we aren’t perfect

Yet it seems the world tries much more to separate “us”,

Is it because it’s in neglect

Or is it because it loves the mess and fuss,

I don’t know and so much more do I not care

For I enjoy and Love my God given blessing,

Therefore living this life without you is something I could never bare

But since we live every day paving a road for “our” future then why live guessing,

Guessing on what’s going to happen in “our” future

As if we wouldn’t have each other then,

Maybe it’s because you found someone newer

I don’t know who nor do I know when,

You’ve shown and proven to me you actually care

Yet at times I feel I’m losing you every day,

I observe your “friends” and how they stare

And now I’m worried if you won’t stay,

If I have to beg you please

Then I would,

If you wanted to see me on my knees

Then you could,

Because my Love for you has me blind to my surroundings

It has me blind from right and wrong,

I can’t decipher if it’s going to result in another of God’s groundings

All my fears go in this heart song,

Not only are my fears but with them my thoughts and reminders

Of the wounds caused by such actions,

Yet your kisses are like blinders

Blinding me to my own satisfactions,

Letting the world turn and point fingers

Telling me I am nothing at all,

And as the beast lingers

I grow weary and know not who to call,

As if you nor God was near

I’ll give it all away just for you,

Yet losing you is my greatest fear

But like God “our” Love is nothing but good and true,

Even though there were lies throughout

The truth always able to arise,

Always realizing what everything was and is about

Therefore nothing ever comes as a surprise,

So together we shall not fall

We shall stay together as long as you desire,

If keeping you means to push out all

Then I’ll push out even the ones which I admire,

To keep you by my side is what I fight for

For it’s you my Love which holds and owns my heart,

 And I will make sure I impact “our” life straight to the core

But for now this is where I’ll start,

Therefore please forgive me my Love

For any wrong I’ve committed,

But for now on I will strive straight for the above

And there is not a wrong I haven’t admitted,

If this is how close we have gotten

I can only imagine how much more we will be,

Imagine all “our” past faults forgotten

And the lucky man to be called your husband be me,

If I may ask a few questions?

Why do you my Love stay if you deserve yet much more than this?

I know you wish not impressions

Yet not the type to live in ignorance,

Realizing the hole that many others and I have dug myself in

Yet deciding to ignore the situations,

Seeming to desire to help until then

Testing many simulations,

Creating the feeling of trust

And destroying the feeling of doubt,

Hoping your feelings towards me aren’t of lust

Because the Love coming from me is in an endless amount,

Therefore my Love please continue to make me feel what I have never before

As much as we grew to be more loveable,

I promise not to have anyone else that I adore

Which builds a unique love rather than one that is gullible,

I come to ask my last request

If this is true what we live then,

Let’s treat it way more than just a test

Let’s give it our all until the end. 


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