My chest is
Calling out for you to
Squeeze me
Hold me close and
Acknowledge my existence
without making me feel kiddish
Like a child with a crush on a teacher
Or a teen in love with a singer
Too far to be realistic
But close enough to hurt.
Close enough to see
a smile so bright
it makes my skin burn.
Like the sun your glow is beautiful
but bask in its glory for too long
and you realize UV isn't meant for me.
You, you see, aren't meant for me.
But without you what light will there be?
You have sparked the light in me
That let me know there is still light in me
See the heat you reap
Causes heat in me and
when he's in me
he fills me completely
but when empty is internal
external remedies won't close the hole.
I'm writing this to let you know
that one day you won't affect me
one day my skin will adjust
and you won't hurt or burn
 and i'll let his sweet seed
be the sunscreen that shields me.
but I'll still go to the beach
for three hours, two days a week
hiding under an umbrella
enjoying being close
but not exposed enough to burn.
one day I'll lay next to a girl getting a tan
absorbing your light effortlessly
and be grateful that
the sun's rays make someone glow.

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