the sunrise

the sun sets and i forget the bitter sweet joy of your loving kiss how you use to make me want to scream and expect the love to come in and shower me now its less hours more tower time i try to make the tarnsition stop just in time but yet i am blind i cannot find fault in the bitter sweet memories even the ones where you hit me its my fault ill say i provoked it i make him lift his hand and smack me to bring back the  sense i have lost what is the cost to keep you happy is my blood enough are my words enough aparently not when i saw the clock go tick tock and you walked out my house but with her hand i stand and stay on this day do i wake up and walk away let you fade back into the gray like a drifting sunrise on a cool summer day yet it rained my illusion faded it use to be gated by the best of them you failed to proctect my love now im left to fend alone like the best of them i let my heart take care of him yet he left me to find out about the worst of them from the best of them and sometime you make me question what the hell happened but even when i lay down at night i wonder do the sun ever set in the pit of heaven where the sinners still love god even after they have had thier innocents snatched away from them ..... i wonder am i the last of them the girls who accept this lifestyle becase we feel when have no one to lean of use to be so stong till everything went wrong 

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