Sunny Days Are Still Bound


Lost we are

Without a clue.

Astonished that these footsteps

stumbled upon this path but,

it feels more like a maze.

Weaving in and out until we locate the exit.

Often we pace as we search for answers.

The echoes of the wilderness call us

into the forest of self destruction.

It is believed that we will not make it.

It is believed that we are puppets

looking for man to hold our hands

and pull strings and such for us because

vulnerabity is our fault for failure. 

What do you do when  there's only

weight on one end of the see-saw ?

Do you seek God?

What is the answer?

I'm not quite sure where we belong.

But everyday I awake.

The Uv rays graze my Iris.

I smell the crisp air of suburbia.

And when the winds blow

I feel the oxygen in my heart

grow amorously. 

Reminding me that opportunity 

stands before me.

Maybe we're not so lost after all.

Maybe we're just caught

up in the rapture.

Caught up in the moment.

That we could not caputure

the idea of fortune.

If we tip toe away from the traps

we won't be attacked

when euphoria seeks for attraction. I didn't know my path then.

But I know my path now.

So even when there's sun showers

sunny days are still bound.


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