Sunlight burns through large, green


Sunlight burns through large, green trees
Cars begin to replace all the bees
Only thing living is people like me
As a breathe is inhaled in this great city.

People cross the streets and don't look around
Acknowledging nothing, not a look or a sound
Everyone focused on their own big issues
While the world around them offers no tissue

Students, millionaires, scholars so pretty and giddy
Livin in the city
Right down the street from the rough and gritty

Right next door a teen drowns in lies
A depression so great and no shoulder to cry
He hates everything and he just can't take
All the pain very soon he just might break

Three rights then a left and you've reached a big house
Different from the little man living there like a mouse
All the cash in the world won't make you a man
It'll leave you surrounded by tall, handsome and tan

A maid upstairs cries in the bathroom
In this big old' house near a man headed for doom
She deserves better than minimum wage
In exchange to clean this massive cage

Yeah all of these people do live in this city
And they go on living like everything else is so pretty
The suicidal kid doesn't ever look around
And see the lonely little man whose end bound
Who employs the young lady who needs more dough
Look you selfish people where do they all go?

And moonlight burns through large green trees
Long after the cars all replaced the bees
As I live on, all alone just me
Another breathe exhaled in this big city.


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