Sunflowers' Necessity

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 19:13 -- lhess

Like the stem of a sunflower

Swaying gently in the breeze

We push and pull

To the rhythm of life we know

Simply to grow


And like sunflowers so poise and gentle

Her petals were crowned with innocence

Standing bold and true

Standing proud to the sky

Lapping up sunlight

Digging her roots into the ground


She was living

Chin up into the sun

His warmth her providing essence

His soft beams highlighting her unique glowing yellow frame

She needed him, but without her

He could go on all the same


How her days would revolve around his pouring light

Her petals following him into the night

Some days shine brighter than others

But a soft dew filled sunrise

Can turn to torturous heat

On some Summer days at his blistering peak


What once provided her soft glow

Drained her colorless, now stripped by what made her unique

She tilts and sways to his commands

Her tall, strong green stalk

Now drooping to his demands


She folds under his scorching rage

Under his controlling gaze

His heat stunted her ability to grow

And one by one her petals

Began to fade away to things she used to know


But despite her wilted petals

From the first heat wave long ago

She can’t seem to remember why she ever told him

She was fine just letting it go


For now all she can do is gaze upon her lifeless petals

And pray that on a better day, they grow


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