The story begins with a series of mistakes and almost regrets. Like any ordinary teenage love it started out like a sunflower in the middle of summer, nothing but sunshine and happiness.

However things change and words were said but I kept letting him in even though I knew he was no good for me.

He always made me feel alive and dead, beautiful but dirty.

It's all a paradoxical relationship.

His flawed perfections kept me lost in a haze for days but his words put me into this dark space where I couldn't make right or left of anything.

And yet I find myself wanting to get lost in his eyes; I want to dive right in and swim around in his warmth while he lulls me to peace with his deep melodic voice.

I still think about the last time we met and how my entire body was tensed for fear of what I would do if I wasn't in control, but his gently rough touch relaxed my muscles and sent me spinning into this euphoric state of confusion.

I blushed and my face gave away anything I was attempting to hide and my inner desires came out.

He touched for the opening of the flower and continued to move his way in until I had completely blossomed.

And we're falling and melting against each other...

But it's just another mistake and an almost regret

And we're not sunflowers the middle of summer anymore

It's the end fall and we're wilting

Each searching for a new Sun to look up to




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