The Sunflower Kid


United States

Call her the sunflower kid, 

the girl with the big brown head,

not full of brain or 'smartness',

but with puns and little bits of love between every word she says,

because that's just who she is.

She lays her strengths atop her invisible petals 

and wears her weaknesses as bright as the color yellow

in attempt to be anything but subtle

because she's seen too many bullies trying to cover the sun 

and choose to make fun 

of those in the darkness,

who are at their lowest,

who are already feeling hopeless.

I guess 

the sunflower kid just wants change.

A change where kids don't have to worry about what people think when they go to

any place of their choice. 

A change where they are given the voice 

to speak out, instead of having to use another language called


A change where they are allowed to have moments they can hold in their hearts forever.

This is the change the sunflower kid is after

because if she is given the chance to give her strength to someone else,

she will gladly give up all her petals.

This is the sunflower in her,

because when society tries to cover the sun and give you darkness,

she will try her hardest to give it back to you,

regardless of who you are

because for change to occur, 

it takes not one, but two people to work together,

to want not only good, but better for the world,

but for that to happen, the first step begins in front of you and I,

by working with us to become an ally.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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