I sit in a cold dark room

Out of nowhere the sunflower appears

I can hear the song play in the back of my head

Tears slide down my frozen face 

I walk up to the lonely flower

The smell of burning food fills the air

The sound of screams fill the room

Once again another night filled with arguments 

From child to father 

I can no longer cry, as if I have ran out of Tears

The song repeats itself 

Im a Sunflower a little funny 

If I were a rose maybe you'd want me

A young child abandoned by her father 

This moment set on replay in my mind 

I was only ten

My mom would say poor little child

As we both stayed up late crying

Sunflower played in the background each night 

Im a dark, lonely, Sunflower 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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