Sunday at the Mall with Tutu

Today was lovely

I spent it at the mall with my grandma

just like sweet hapless third grade summers

when tragedies seemed risque and exciting

instead of as sad as they are

since I didn't have to be an adult then


she'd buy me books and smoothies

as she did again today

and she'd let me vent

and abstain from her chatterbox ways

since she knew (and knows) I need her


she told me stories I've heard before

and corrected my grammar meticulously

and made tiny hidden comments about my weight

yet I miss the days when this was always


now everything is so heavy grim and brooding

it was nice pretending to be a kid again

and hearing her brag about me as her granddaughter

and call me Katie


a stranger told me to cherish these times

and believe me

I do


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