Sunday Best

So many inspiring people
People who stand up for what they believe in
The ones who punch their fists through walls just to make their point
The ones who march for hours holding up signs so they can have their rights back
And the ones who write their darkest secrets out just so others know they are not alone...

So many inspiring people and then there is me
I've felt pain and hurt but none like I've read in stories
People say stories aren't always real
But for an author to create such vivid emotions it can't be fake
The passion and dedication, throwing themselves completely into the story,
Their love for writing, the courage in expressing themselves, that's real

So many inspiring people and then there is me, growing into one of the same
Selling thousands of copies in seconds
A feeling only great writers get to accomplish
One which I strive to get to know
Being completely naked on paper as well as in your Sunday best all at the same time
An explanation and reason why I write
For myself, for what I believe in, for others, to feel completely exposed and proud.


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