a sunburn in my life

To my ex lover who was my current lover but is now a sunburn in my life, I apologize for all the wrong doings I have bestowed upon you,A hopeless romantic.The kind that cradles a girls face ever so gently(you would think he's holding a diamond),And lays upon kiss after kiss making sure the next one was just as sweet as the first.I'm sorry you didn't heed my warnings of the kind of hurt I would coil you in.Your mother even warned you about me, and she didn't even know me.“Stop hanging around that girl, she’s nothing but trouble!”Yet you swore that I was different that I wouldmake you happy unlike all the other girls..But I didn't.I departed from you after my overthinking took ahold of me.My thoughts ran circles around me and it never stoppedDay in and day night i couldn’t help but thinkAbout how much everything was against us.The stars, the moons, the people, your friends, my friends, your family.It hurt me to finally have that savory piece of troublein my life and not be able to enjoy it like i should.For a moment I can still smell you during those walk in the parks. The ones whereYou would skip practice just for me.Where you had to take the barrage of criticism from your own fatherAbout how much of a disappointment you were becoming.All because of me.You would drop anything just to be with me, and be content with the outcome regardless of the repercussions.My eyes can almost make out your silhouette at some convenience store.But how can they call it that when there's just so many inconveniences of you not being there?How I long for you to be there, just once,So I can hear you whistle a tune of yoursThat'll make me spin around so fast you even smiled at the sight of it.Just one chance to apologize for my selfish mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.Until then I’ll sit on the bench behind my house as i watchtwo yellow butterflies fly together so in tune that it reminds me of you and i.The way we could get along so well and alwaysmade me feel stronger than i really was. Even though i told you to put all your strength into it, when it came down you never tried to.You said and i quote, “No matter how many times you ask me toI could never, ever, hurt you. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.”That sentenced laced around my heart and became the next thing i fell in love with,After him..I love him, still, not like before, but after all we went through who could blame me? So this is to him, because I love you 

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