The Sun Still Comes Up



And when sometimes all I want is to finally break

The sun still comes up.




And when there's times I'm certain that I'm just a dumb burnette

The suns still comes up.


It shines away the darkness

It sets light into my soul

So though there's times in a year where I may feel heartless

The sun still comes up.


It drives my ambition

It keeps my mind from the abyss

And when I'm in my most foul hour

The sun still comes up.


It casts light to remind me of hope

It reminds me to confide in the people that care

And even though I may have lost more than I can cope

The sun still comes up.


I know that when life gets hard

When it all becomes a little too much

I remind myself one thing to get me through and not end up scarred:

The sun still comes up.


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