The Sun or Wind or The Unknown.


United States
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As I sit at home, on the couch, I wonder what inspires me.

Does the sun inspire me?

Or does the way the wind makes the blowing trees sound?

I think, those things aren’t it, they don’t inspire me.

Then it hits me, I know what inspires me.

A hard worker, an intelligent person,

Someone who puts others before themselves,

And someone who teaches other life lessons inspires me.

I think some more, who is this person or thing that inspires me?

My mom, Karen Valentino is my inspiration.

Great morals, strong and independent, caring, nurturing are just a few characteristics that’s my mother possess.

I’m uplift to be a better person every day.

The way my mom presents herself makes me wonder,

            Will I ever be like her?

I get up from the couch now,

ready to start my life.

Why do I suddenly feel like I can take on the world?

My mom walked by and I feel like as long as she’s there I’m invincible.

My mom inspires me. 


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