The Sun is a Man

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 22:10 -- Lhowell



The Sun is a man, I’m sure…

Shining for me, and only me, in the morning,

Sitting with me at the end of my day;

Comforting me, sometimes consoling me,

But always thrilling me with streaks of red.


For a time…a time that feels so quick

But all the same, feels like forever.

He envelops me in color,

Protects me with his strength,

And he kisses my upturned face..

For a time, I was warm.


This time, I found quickly, was fleeting…

My immersion in his beauty,

Quickly turned to clouds of gray.

Thunder quaked above my head…

And deeply within my heart…

I thought it would last forever.


But the Sun is a man, I’m sure…

He changes with the seasons,

As I change with passing years.


With a blink it is summer.

I lay in the grass; again, enveloped, immersed…

Arms outstretched, eyes closed

Rays beaming on my thankful face,

And this time forever,

I am warm.



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