The Sun Can Be Warm, The Sun Can Be Blinding

I am
a brilliant thunderstorm of energy
and the world may slip through the fingers of others
but not mine
for I refuse to be muted
I will seize the day
run ahead
sail over oceans
and I will not not stop
I will plant flowers and ideas
in the ears of those who do not
understand me
I am an angry screaming rose
in a garden of dandelions
a clumsy ballerina
but enthusiastic all the same
I will be as the spring to the winter
loud, overflowing with life
a thousand voices at once
I climb mountains in seconds
and tug nervous others by the hand
to take with me
captain ahab, a desperate chase for optimism
the ocean forever half-full
you will think that the tick-tock of time beats
when I say it should
the burdens of others I will carry
I am

will be

have been

a brilliant thunderstorm of energy.

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