The Sun and the Moon

Once upon a time

There was nothing.

Not even a spec of dirt,

Absolutely nothing.


Then came the sun,

In the dark, all alone,

So she learned to create light,

All on her own.


Next came the moon,

The beautiful halo in the dark,

The sun was no longer alone,

But they were always apart.


The moon was simply too far,

Too focused on the earth,

To ever care about the sun,

But the sun was lovestruck since birth.


She loved the moon so,

She would try hard for the moon’s attention,

She’d make complete darkness,

To see the spotlight’s dissension.


However the moon did not care,

So the sun watched from afar,

The love she so longed for,

The poor lonely star.


Now this is no love story,

The moon loved the earth,

So focused on the other,

That the moon didn’t see the sun’s worth.


So you see

There is no happy ending,

This is a horror story,

A simple sad song extending.


This is simply a story,

The story of how the sun

Loved the moon so much,

Knowing the moon was the one.


That she died every night,

Just so the moon could breathe.



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