Sun, 01/21/2018 - 15:56 -- Roll

The innocent sun reaches out to cup my face,
And I share a laugh with it,
Warm rays of light absorbing into my skin,
Warming my heart-shaped ice.

As it melts to form something else,




The water grows flowers of enamored joy.
The meadow fills with the little flowers,
And I pluck each one to form a pretty bouquet.

But as I keep walking, I notice something odd.
The sun isn't there anymore.
It's not a simple sunset, but pure darkness, except the barely lit moon who seems to be lacking luminescence.

In that moment I finally realize...
The sun was a lie.
The flowers wilt around me,
Melting into blood as they slip from my fingers.

The warmth leaves my heart,
My body.
And my ice cold heart forms an iron lock,
Hiding itself away from the darkened sun,

As it returns to rise another day.
But my icy, iron body can't be melted by its sinister rays,

For I am alone.


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