Summer Soundtrack

Summer is over

And the school year has begun

Gotta hit the sack early now 

Instead of Chasing The Sun.


Summer is over

No more Twerking In The Rain

Gotta hit the books now

For there is new knowledge to gain.


Summer is over

Along with some short-lived flings

As girls get in those last-minute piercings and sales

Boys become Good Kissers and attract New Flames.


Summer is over

And as the Colors Of The Wind replace the heat

As much as we look forward to Halloween Masquerades and Thanksgiving dinners

Moving Ya Body at Carnival and hittin' up the French circus just can't be beat.


Summer is over 

With college freshmen starting anew

Leaving behind their high school lives

Doing what they gotta do.


Summer is over

But do not fret

For it will be here again

Before you know it.


Now you know what I've done

And the songs I listened to

And when summer comes again

We'll continue to Part 2! 


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