Summer Night

In the evening, the amethyst sky sparkled. It was a beautiful summer night. I could hear the sound of kids playing volley ball in the background, the smells of the hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken sizzling on the hot grill. It is a beautiful summer night. The sight of seeing the beautiful sky with its crystal sparkling stars and the bright neon moon blinding me with its wonders. The fresh water that sparkles like diamonds from the sunset amazes me with its beauty. What a beautiful summer night. The smell of the fresh cut grass and the wonderful aroma coming from the grills and the smell of the water when the waves crash upon my feet, what a beautiful summer night. The touch of the sky blue water was warm through my fingers, the touch of the volley ball smacking my hand till it is red. Hearing the seagulls screeching and people laughing it is truly a beautiful summer night.

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