summer dream

a soft summer child

smiling with flowers in their hair

a rainy day dream

quiet, calm, plain and bare


a love story now gone

a lover moved on

a game empty and sad

a girl now feeling glad


the end of our tale

is nothing but over

i’m happy it happened

that our paths did crossover


kind words were exchanged 

and wonderful sweetness

now turned to silence

but a feeling of completeness 


as i sit and write 

thinking of the time gone by

i wonder how you’ve been

but it’s not my life to pry


so i smile and sigh

it was a wonderful dream

dream of love so quick

and how it felt so extreme


as i open my heart

to new feelings and lovers

I’ll never forget

the times before others


a tearful goodbye

a bandaid to rip

time moves so fast

the scales not ours to tip


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