Summer 16

Summer 16

I often lived my life to the same degree and expectation as everyone else did

I was a kid in a world of things that never pertained to my abilities and passions

but that summer had a strange tendency to blow right off the evocative lid where i hid

that summer was an experience of uncontested irritation

it was like seeing some strange, strange fashion that was worn by monks who have no legs

but anyways

that summer was irrational to me because it became real all too soon

for the first time, i realized the gravity of it all

the people that looked like me were being hunted seemingly, by those supposed to keep us safe

it awoke a diffrent emotion seeing these events happen every week or so

i lost trust in my very government, i seen the rise of hatred, with its very leaders

yea, maybe its been there all along, but i see it, with my own eyes

my first time in along time away from my mother, who ive always kept close , 

oh the times , it got real, real quick

nobody expected it, but you really had to find faith 

i grew up in a conflict of  religion of spirituality

the whole world around me was christian

me and my mother more aligned with buddhism

but, i think that very spirituality, is how i found hope

at the tender age of 13, i felt so stressed  about the future

everyday, i grew more hopeless and hopeless untill

i realized

that this is what i needed...

this is what was neccessary to become me

that moment was when i realized i grew up

it was similar to that of a butterfly's


we as humans require conflict and stimulation to progress

i know that now


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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