Sullivan County People


How the hell do you judge people?

What have you done that is so great?

Where were you when I graduated?

These folks have no lives! complaints , attitudes, nosey, and rude!

Judgemental the most and always think what they say is right. Well who the hell are you to judge?

Do this ! Do that! What degree did you earn to become someones parent? How do you know whats best for me ?

Sullivan County People ... Funny ... They waste their lives here and complain about it.

Suny Sullivan Graduate ? Congrats! Now what? You got a degree in whatever pays the bills.

Now Your stuck here. Doing What??! Working a 9-5 job just to pay the bills. Day in and Day out every single day doing the same damn thing.

What about your so called dreams?? Oh yea thats right Y'all low lives aren't known for dreams.

You go for everything else and expect to just live a nice boring simple life where you make your soul mate and raise a family and just grow old and DIIIEEEE ??!! Wooo Hoooo!

PATHETIC! What Makes you do that for years and think your so happy here? Your stuck!! You have no where to go , no motivation, no real purpose of anything and YOU encourage others to do the same.


Sullivan County People .......

There are ________





People who have slim to none respect for eachother

The ones that make so called "Money" "Lots of Money" " Good Money" are low lives who think thats all to life and think they are so high and mighty. What fun do you have in life? What experiences do you have in life ? What do you appreciate ?


Sullivan County People ......

You Suck !


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