Suicide of a Poet

I am not afraid of anybody

At times I can be extremely quiet

Maybe a little too often

Getting away from my personal thoughts is hard for me

Often I get sick..and have no reason why it happens

I can’t get over past troubles

Nothing ever made me happy

Gone, I am gone mentally

To be honest, I have nothing to strive for

Only one person tried to stop me from killing myself

Knowing that I am falling apart everyday and not doing anything about it

I hate myself

Little things matter to me, even if some people do not think its important

Letting things go isn’t a thing I do easily

Most of the time, I was alone

You, my family mattered so much to me, but none of you really knew what was going on in my life

So many times I cannot bring myself to stop crying

Everybody thought I was annoying, and hated me

Love wasn’t always fortunate to me

For you I tried to stay here



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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