Suicide Note

"If I were to commit suicide," she wrote 

In the pain of the night

"Then this would be my suicide note."

And her writing gave her light:

They say if you have thoughts of suicide you should talk to someone, right?

Bunch of good that did

Because now I'm dead, and they're still alive

And don't you DARE say I didn't try

I talked until my lungs were out of air

People gave me the same answer when I said I felt talent less and sad

They said "No! You have plenty of talent , you'll do fine Just get some sleep, and be thankful for all you have"

They said it with such conviction, with such hope

Like the promise of individuality and success in life were iron clad

I think everyone really believes that too

Probably to hide themselves from the truth, because once you realize that

You don't really want to live anymore

And the truth, the harsh reality?

Is that you, everyone you know, and everyone you love is the same processed, cookie cutter piece of shit that we all are terrified of becoming 

I could kill myself trying to change the world

I could scream until my voice was horse

Or I could just grow up and realize, that it's so much easier to end it now than to try for one day more


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