The Suicide Note

You never got to know me.
You would never even try.
You told me that you would rather
I just go home and die.

You pushed me in the hallways.
You often made me cry.
When teachers asked me what was wrong,
I never didn't lie.

I spent my life trying to change
Something I couldn't control.
It wasn't something I decided;
It was something in my soul.

I'm kind of an all-colors girl,
And I don't really care.
Whatever your race or ethnicity is,
I think that we can share.

Especially your sexual preference, though,
I know it's not up to you.
As long as you're happy,
Then I am happy, too.

I believe that love is love,
No matter how it looks.
Haven't you ever heard the line
About judging the cover of books?

I get it-- change is scary.
I don't blame you for hating me.
You just don't understand,
And I can never make you see.

I tried to constantly please everyone.
I kept it all inside.
But, eventually, I couldn't hide anymore,
And you said I should have died.

So, to make you happy,
Die is what I did.
Many call me a coward.
They say I ran and hid.

But, you know, you would probably
Do the same thing, too,
If you knew that everybody
Would always hate you.

But, the thing I want you to know is:
Be careful what you say.
You never know what might happen;
That person might not be there the next day.

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