Suicide is not a joke

I never expected this to happen

For my world to turn to ruins

To see death in front of me

At such a young age


They say it doesn't matter

They say you'll get over it eventually 

But nobody could erase

The memory of the peacefulness that was on her dead face


The memory of her dead body

With blood flowing from her lifeless wrists

My best friend who had died

With a razer in her hand


Suicide is not good

It is not funny nor a joke

People just end up getting hurt

No matter the results


I can never erase the memory from my mind

Of finding her body laying on the cold, hard ground

Of her lifeless and no longer bright blue eyes 

Staring back up at me, threatening to haunt my dreams


I had constant nightmares 

Of constantly finding her lifeless body

Making me wonder

Was it my fault? 


Did I not pay attention to her enough?

Did I make her feel alone or sad?

Did I push her over the edge unknowingly?

Is it my fault?


I thought back on all the laughs we had made

One laugh especially caught my mind

Of us laughing about sucide and death

How we joked about people dying and killing themselves 


In flash I realized something,

Suicide is not funny nor is it cool

Everybody get hurts at the end 

No matter the results 


To me, suicide is not a joke

It's painful and hurtful

And just plain wrong

It ruined my life and could very much ruin your's


So listen to me closely

Get this through your thick skull

Next time you think about suicide 

Don't think about death


Think about the results

The hurt and pain you would put people through

Once you leave this world

And the pain of the person who will find your lifeless body










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