Suicide awareness

Tue, 06/30/2020 - 06:03 -- A.s.h.a

Suicide, the signs were there
But did you care.
Watching Him day by days
Hearing him when he prays.

Blood stains on his clothes
Did you ever ask where he got those?
Disappearing it would seem
Did you ever find out where he'd been.

Arguments all the time
Your relationship was on the line.
Hearing him quietly cry
Did you ever ask him why?

Wasting so much time
Thinking that it'll all be fine
Crying down the phone
Felling like you're all alone.

So much shouting and screaming
You wished that you were just dreaming
Sadness in his eyes
Believing all his lies.

You talk but you don't really speak
Your patience is growing weak.
How long until you break
Fighting your brain so you can stay awake.

You leave, you just can't cope
You never thought he'd find a rope.
Something feels so wrong
You weren't even gone that long.

You are ringing his phone
You are rushing home
Banging on the door
Feeling terrified sad and more.

Unlock it, you get inside
Eyes open wide
Shouting out his name
Feeling all his pain.

Searching around
Falling to the ground
Tears falling down your face
You know you have to pick up the pace.

Running upstairs let out that scream
His image will forever be in you dream.
He's hanging there, his face turned white
Not how you wanted to find him this night.

Run to him, he feels cold
He wasn't even very old
Call the doctors, call the police
The pain inside you starts to increase.

The officer enters the room
His face overcome with sadness and gloom
You don't need to be told, you already know
Feel the sadness within begin to grow.

This is just my story
Sorry if it's a little bit gory.
Yours doesn't have to be like mine
Look for signs, you still have time!

This poem is about: 
My family


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