Suicide Awareness


The average number of suicides in a year.

Forty-One Thousand people that killed themselves.

41,000 people that could’ve gotten help.

41,000 people that could’ve called a suicide hotline.

41,000 people that still could’ve been alive.


7,000 that used poison.

10,000 that suffocated.

21,000 that used a firearm.

836,000 emergency visits for self-inflicted injury.


4,500 kids that killed themselves because of cyberbullying.

Kids that could’ve been helped.

Kids that could’ve been saved.

Kids that still could’ve been alive.


Suicide is the third leading cause of death in teenagers.

The third leading cause of death.

In teenagers.

For fucks sake we’re only teenagers.

We shouldn’t be thinking about killing ourselves.

We should be thinking about our futures…



That’s not the case.

80% of teenagers think about suicide.

1 in 12 teens have tried to commit suicide.

1 in 3 teens succeed.


We just need someone to be there for us.

We just need one person to say “I care about you, don’t do it.”

Be aware of mental disorders and suicide.

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hey Alyssa I love this poem it really opens 

other people's eyes. your good friend k ~Seawolf

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