Suicide; before and after!

You've tried to be happy,

but you cannot do it,

the darkness is just to dark,

you talk and talk,

but all it does is makes depression worse,

you've tried to be with people that you love and that love you,

but that gets to overwhelming, 

so you keep in the pain,

all it does is make others worried,

people ask why are you in so much pain,

they say they can help,

but when you cannot help your self how can others help you?


After a while all your pain turns to anger,

you cannot help but yell and say things that you do not mean to say,

when you want the help that others have offered to you,

but you are afraid to ask,

so you still keep all the pain in! as time goes on, you have more pain, more anger,

now you cannot take life on any more,

so, you write a very long letter to all that have tried to help,

fold it neatly, and put a heart on it,

you go into your room and hang yourself,

now your pain is gone,

but what about everyone else,

did you think how they would feel?


Sure you were hurting,

yes you were depressed,

but now your mom doesn't speak, only cries,

your dad asks himself a billion times a day "What did i do wrong,"

your little sister doesn't eat, sleep, and doesn't want to go to school,

all your friends; God bless them,

they knew the pain you were going through,

they know the pain that your family is going through,

so they try their best to help your family,

and also to help one another,

your girlfriend cuts now, will not eat now, and will never date again!


You've hurt so many people,

just because you could not handle the darkness with in,

and now that you are gone,

your friends cannot take the pain,

so they quit talking to one another,

your mom has a drinking problem,

your dad does drugs,

and your sweet little innocent sister,

watching your family wither away to nothing! 

This poem is about: 
My family
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