'' They're all going to laugh''

'' Im ugly ''

'' Why me?''

'' Can I just skip school?''

Why cant I be like the others, myself im destined to smother

to drown in my own tears

all this hatred within my last 4 years

I constantly tell myself you are beautiful, you are someone, but who am I kiddin'

Not even my own mother can underatsnd all the lost secrets I have hidden

My father beats me, rapes me , then tells me that he loves me

If that is love, then what could hate be?

Why cant I be loved aren't I special to?

Back to school to my special room or better known as the bathroom

I hide it all, no friends to call

Make my way home, up into my room

Post the chair on the wall, the hang of the rope, and one loud '' BOOM!''

Noone to care, noone to share my deep lost emotions, so within one motion

I AM Free!


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