Tue, 04/30/2019 - 10:55 -- rlwise





Which of us lied?

You when you said you’d never dare

or me when I said I knew best dear?

Which is worse? My loneliness

or the loss of innocence?

I know you cared but couldn’t bear

to be alive but still I’m here

wondering what your last thought

was before you ended it all.

Here I am remembering

instead of just living.


I never could understand

how you pulled that trigger, man

until the meds fucked me up too

and out the window I almost flew

but something made me turn around

I wonder if it was you now.

Maybe it’s just coincidence

but either way I guess it’s best.

Just tell me know if you could go

back in time would you go

and put the gun back on the ground

or are you really happy now?


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