Suicidal Poet

Suicidal poet
You died an artists death 
Forging perfect words 
With your final breath 
You had it all planned out
Each syllable struck deep 
You took our breath away
And yet it's you that sleeps in peace 

Beat by beat you stole our hearts
But everybody knew
In the end your words were always 
Bound to outlive you

The blood stained sheets were hard to hide
The air smelled like rain outside
And yet this rain brought not life
But instead a poets sacrifice 

For this world was far to simple 
And this world was far to plain 
He was born to live in kingdoms 
But he sleeps in a shallow grave 

Suicidal poet
you left us far too soon
your poems spoke of beauty
but they did not tell of you
they say fate deals
a cruel hand
to those who are worth more
than the pitiful reality
that mortals have in store

Suicidal poet
a true artist you were
your words will live 
in infamy
though you write no more

This poem is about: 
Our world



i love this piece

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