Suicidal Colors

Red lines to match the lies

Red puddles to match the tears I cried

Red clothes to cover the stains

Pencils with red erasers to eliminate the words that caused the pain.


Writing in red ink

Because it can’t be erased

Presenting my pain boldly in their faces

But why wait for the moments when I bleed

Out crying for their help

Why waste time putting my hope in those who will fail me

And that will leave when they get the chance


So I keep a red stop sign over my heart

To stop people from coming in and trying to destroy the

Red tape used to hold the pieces of my heart together and camouflage the destruction.  


Red shoes to hide the pain endured while walking through this journey called life.

Red shirts to hide the red scars

Red pants to cover the red lines

And red shades to cover my red eyes

Red bracelets to cover those red lines

Can somebody please pull me out of this red sea

Before I drown in my own blood.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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