Sun, 10/15/2017 - 03:53 -- Divide

Her name was Jessie

got bad messages every day

said she gets layed

Rushed to her room

Crying away

not even knowing someone cared

Went to school everyday

hair in braids but felt locked away

holding her books to her chest

in her beautiful stripped blue dress

Everyday girls came over

giving a smolder and laughed

they ripped up her books

and gave her terrible looks

One day at lunch

Jessie was sitting down

eating her food

They came around 

Back with a rebound

they poured their food on her head

laughed and said

"Go die, you are a waste of a life".

Afterschool Jessie ran home

Hair not combed and dress ripped

she grabbed a gun

and ran to her room.

She killed herself and with a boom

and her body fell on the floor.

Mother ran in

and cried her eyes

called 911

while her daughters body lied.

Jessie was rushed to the hospital bed

and laid there, dead.

Nobody cared.

Except me

I cared

She was as strong as a bear

but those girls got through her wall

popped her heart like a ball

so now if you think

to bully someone

think about the people who care

think about there life

do not get in their personal air

or you might cost someone a knife




Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
Our world



sorry if this was a bad poem, first one

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