Suggested Friends

I go to your profile; I see you smiling

Twitter tells me I might know you

Twitter doesn’t know that I once did.


I look through your posts; I see you glowing

Facebook tells me you got a new job

Met a new girl

Went to concerts

Went on a trip with your family

Facebook doesn’t know that I was once invited on that trip.


I scroll through your pictures; I see you living

Instagram tells me you still have our photos

Or well, had, because I accidentally liked a picture that was 43 weeks old.

You took up photography

I remember you always wanted to

Instagram doesn’t know you’re the reason I still can’t do everything I have always wanted to.


Your pages don’t remember,

But my pages do.

I remember, I remember that it hurt.


Your followers tell me you made new friends

Some of which were mine

My followers tell me

“it only happened once, and I’m sure he didn’t mean it”

I’m sure he didn’t.

“I doubt it even hurt and he would never do it again”
I left, to make sure he never would.


I scroll a little too far into 2015

You went too far in 2015

Facebook tells me in 2015 you were with me but Facebook doesn’t know that I wished you weren’t.

Twitter tells me in your bio you would call me the love of your life but twitter doesn’t know you called me stupid every day for months


Instagram tells me you loved showing the world that you were always holding me in 2015

But Instagram doesn’t know you hit me in 2015


And while a double tap will make a heart

It only took one hit to break mine.


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