What does it mean to be successful?

The thought alone can be stressful

If you ponder too long and even start to prolong

Your mind will eventually become a cesspool


Some say being successful is to be great

Reach the stars and even heaven’s gates

But I don’t agree and I hope you know what I mean

When I say that I can’t relate


For me being successful is to have a vision

Making plans with purposeful intentions

You may not know what to do and even though this is true

We all eventually come to a decision


About what we want to do in life

Explore the world, be rich, marry a wife

So we must create a goal, a passion that burns like coal

Then we can live a life without strife


Because when you love work it’s not work

And when you don’t love it you’ll go berserk

Love what you do, don’t let them dissuade you

Loving your job will become your biggest perk

So after you get your dream job

Travel the world, become a mom

You can relax, because there’s this one fact

You indeed have become the bomb


So that’s the secret to success

Live your life fully, try your best

In the end, you can sit with your friend

And say, “I have become a true success”


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