Right now, I am a junior at Ace Technical Charter High School on 5410 S. State Street. Soon I will be a graduating student in the year 2015. For this moment I have some short term goals and long term goals. My short term goals are graduate from high school on time, Do all i can do to keep my grade up, Get a high score on my ACT, Past the constitution, And start college right after high school. My long term goals are finish college, Play for my school basketball team, Get drafted to the NBA, And live a happy wealthy life. To me honestly my Junior year is the hardest year ever because you have to take a lot of test, and thats the year all the colleges you want to attend look at you and see if you fit their school policies. The majors I'm going to study is Architecture, Construction, and many other things if my basketball career end. I also look at myself as a ranasance man because I am multitastic and I have a lot of talents. I also have some fears such as when I get out of high school I'm going to have to be on my own and take care of myself, And I would love to see this generation to see their future and stop the violence.   


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