Success Pays Off

Sat, 10/05/2013 - 15:28 -- roxi


When one door closes, another shall open. When we make mistakes, we are told to get back up and try again. When we feel like we have setbacks, failures, and haters, that only provokes us to prove them wrong even more. Success is such a great way of seeking revenge. Though it's not to do any harm or hurt anyone, it makes the one who triumphed feels that they have made it. Without being told that they cannot and will not. Instead came out victorious. I remember so clearly, those who hurt me and stepped on me. Look at where you have gotten today and look at who I have become. Success is a way of me showing them that they did not win over me and I have come out to be stronger than before. Smarter. Brighter. Faster. And still on the road of accomplishing more. As I think back to the rough childhood memories where bullies got ahold of me, it may have made them feel big in that moment. But how tiny are they compared to me now. Using the weakness of another kid to make one feel bigger, better, and bad is only a tactic in the childhood years. As we mature and come to realize, those times are over and the reality comes to life. Whoever were my class mates before will become my future co-workers now. Or become the person checking out my groceries at the drug store.


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