I heard my mom and gm talk about they had a dream that I fell and didn't guaranteed I thought to my self damn what is success then it came to me if u work hard u will be successful so I tried to work hard and tried to understand what I had what I had to do my I hated the way they say I would fell they talk bad about me all my 18 years I'm trying to understand life from people I just want to have success in my life I want to work for everything I have I am going to do it I hate going places and I hate dressing the way I dress I pray I get a job and having success and have the way I love my success and having the way I been the way I been I fucking don't like my mom mom she talk so much shit I hate coming home I hate my life all people do is talk shit behind my back I need and want this job I want it so bad I need it so bad I am going to get what I want by the grace of God I'm going to lose weight for my self I can do it I'm going to do it that why I'm going to get this job and get the fuck out of high school gaudily out all my mom do is fucking fuse I thought a lot about taking my life so many times I thought about doing it but I'm glad I found god in my life I heard my grand mom say I will never be shit in life a female would never want u u will be broke and and have a hard life my mom say the same thing I remember when she beat me so bad I had to call my grandma I hated them so much I just wanted to leave this earth but I'm glad I found god I'm so glad I found him if I didn't I would have been took my like my dad wasn't a big part of my life cause my grandma didn't want him to have anything to do with us I needed a father he tried and tried to see his kids but she didn't let him 😢😢 m
y life was hell I been down and down I hate cause I was depression depression got damn depression my grandad who I called big dad was a man who I looked up to he can have any thing this men help me in life fucking hate kill my pain I can't wait to get the fuck out I'm not giving shit to that old ass bitch I'm leaving this bitch forever some times I wish she would die I call her satin she the devil she don't want know body happy she wants her own self to be happy my heart filled with hate and anger of what she did for me money can't by me my mother fucking 18 yrs back I wish that I could get away and just live my life right in this house and with this women I can't stuck in hell trying to get out RTIM I reach for heaven the dark cloud takes it away fuck I wish I could leave 2487clearwater I cry to my self for days wishing just wishing that I will get out damn the devil really got to me this time I got to leave

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My family
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Our world
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