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We step outside to an unknown world
Thinking, Believing this is how it’s supposed to be
get strapped into the illusion of our so called reality
and we get blinded by the lies
deprived of our true potential
it’s like living in a different planet, with different beings
we accept it, and that’s the end
but no more of this
I am willing to step out these boundaries
Let no one tell me who I will become
Let all these lies and intrusions be gone
For I am the wielder of my own life
The choices I make will be to cut these chains
that bind me to this prison
I want to be set free
Given the option to find my true potential
No be giving the illusion of choice
But to let all hear and tremble to my voice
And my dedication to strive for something great
Dreaming someday I become the inspiration of many
To stop dwelling in darkness and seek the way out
So that tomorrow they see their true selves
And they won’t have any doubt
That they made it


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