SInce day one I was told that I would be the best.

I was told "Look, my child. The world is yours and if you really want it you can grasp it"

I believed those words to be true so I did my best.

Joined every club, aced every test, wowed judges at middle school science fairs and scored high on AP exams. I was very good at achieveing. 

I had a few panic attacks over that once C+ I got in art class Freshman year.

Then blackouted during a final Senior year because I didn't sleep for over 48 hours.

That didn't matter because every A+ plus on my report card meant there was less of a chance of me going to bed hungry. Or my parents liking me more.

I just gotta achieve

and achieve

and achieve...


It's graduation day. Four years undergrad and 6 post-grad. I am a doctor. I am the top of my class and the best at what I do because I was tired of going hungry at home. 

I operate on people for a living but never once thought of operating on myself. Never thought to look inside myself to see if my own happiness didn't fall victim of my carcinogetic life. 

Whenever someone asked why I did al this for I would answer "Because I want make my family proud"

But not once did I make myself proud.

Now I am stuck in a field I hate, all alone with just myself and my fancy apartment. 

I achieved



What good did that all do for me?


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