Tue, 07/29/2014 - 07:40 -- taimik

I join the throngs of hungry people in aligning my life with the blueprint,

desperate to complete everything perfectly in order to reach uptown utopia.

Fear plagued everyday activities.

Obey all the instructions, stick to the recipe.

Look forward, It is there. 

Look forward, It has to be there.

I force myself to look forward into the future.

It could be eventually be obtained.

Many walk beside me, motivated by the fear, the pressure

sprinting blindly towards that beckoning light.

 I never asked what it was, and no one seemed to address it.

One just would know they had it when they got there.

Look forward, even if you cannot see it.

Look forward. They tell me to look forward.

carefully placed on a teetering pedestal,

so easily collapsible that the tiniest mistake would send it dangerously plummeting to the floor.

and the perfect dollhouse of success would flee. 

It was a delicate formula, and I could not afford to screw up the equation.

a place in the future.


But look forward for that place.

Look forward. 

I keep looking forward.

Always scared to leave it behind.










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